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- Ideas about Single Malt Scotch Whisky
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Helen Arthur - The Connoisseur'S Guide To Whisky Koop dit boek bij bol.com
Titel:The Connoisseur'S Guide To Whisky
Auteur:Helen Arthur
Uitgever:Apple Press
Recentie:Smooth, well-rounded and mellow, the word whisky conjures up a picture of an amber coloured liquid with a complex range of tastes and aromas.This connoisseur's guide is a comprehensive directory of more than one hundred of the best of these golden treasures, including several rare whiskies. Each whisky featured in the book is accompanied be a wealth of distillery facts, and the author's personal tasting notes and recommendations.If you're unsure about whether you like a smooth single malt or prefer a layered blend, The Connoisseur's Guide to Whisky is the perfect introduction to the complicated world of whiskies. Details are also given of rare malts, whiskies from distilleries that have ceased production, and whiskies at ages and strengths not generally commercially available.This book: includes a detailed explanation of the whisky distilling process, complete with a full glossary of terms; is fully illustrated with photographs of labels and bottles, plus detailed maps of the area of origin; and, contains a directory of more than one hundred of the finest whiskies - from malts to bourbons - from all around the world.